Kirby Electrical was formed in 2008 offering an extensive range of services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We have developed a good reputation within the industry and have shown continued growth within the past 10 years


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Kirby Electrical can provide you with a complete range of electrical installation and testing services including the following:

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Automate everyday home appliances

K1 offer a project design service incorporating lighting, power, CCTV, music and even a cinema room package fully integrated to your exact requirements. This provides an all-in-one system that transforms your home into a fully automated smart home, allowing you to control your homes appliances via a switch on the wall, voice-control or remotely with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Whether it’s blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, door entry and intercom or home appliances – our intuitive and user-friendly system will make it easy for you to control every aspect of your home.

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Audio
  • Cinema Room
  • Security / CCTV


Combine all aspects of your home automation features in one system.


View all the features included within the K1 system.

Easy Installation

We offer a complete installation package, including set up and training. Our experienced team will guide you through using your system.

Smart technology

K1 incorporates the latest technology to provide you with the ultimate flexibility and convenience in your home. 

The system can detect your geographic location to automate devices such as gates, heating and blinds as you arrive home. 

Presence simulation provides an extra layer of security to deter would-be intruders trespassing on your premises.

  • Ultimate convenience
  • Geographic detection technology
  • Deter intruders with presence simulation

Key Features

Full automation

Automate every aspect of your home, controlling a wide variety of devices and appliances quickly and easily.

  • Control Blinds, heating, and doors
  • Automate electrical devices
  • Geo-fencing technology


Take full control of your home via voice commands or through our intuitive apps on mobile and tablet.

  • Voice commands
  • Integrated app
  • Easy installation

Ultimate security

Our system ensures total security for your home through the latest technology

  • Presence Simulation
  • Anti-Hacking
  • Data Encryption

Words from our customers

  • Customer

    We made the decision to instruct K1 to fit a complete system in our home, we could never go back! I love the automation it provides, allowing to make everyday tasks a breeze! I have full control over applications such as Music, lights, heating and blinds no matter where I am.

  • Customer

    I was very impressed with Kirby Electrical’s professionalism and service. Installation was fast, and the team provided excellent training on the product, which has an extremely user-friendly interface. I love being able to use voice commands to quickly change settings on the fly.

Transform your home


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